Automatic Brazing & Soldering Machines

The technology behind Fusion soldering and brazing equipment helps reduce braze costs and part rejects while improving joint quality. Typically one operator loads and unloads the parts while the machine performs the application of filler metal and flux, as well as the heating and cooling.

Material costs are reduced with soldering and brazing machine automation, since filler metal and flux are applied automatically, in controlled amounts. Labor costs are significantly reduced, as one operator turns out hundreds of brazed or soldered assemblies each hour.

  • Single Station Braze Mate – ideal automatic brazing machine for lower volume applications or short runs of various part styles
  • Rotary Index – conveys fixtured parts through brazing alloy application, heating /cooling cycle at high rates
  • Induction Brazing Machine – electric-generated, induction as an alternative to heating with flame
  • Induction Atmosphere Brazing – good alternative to furnace brazing of steel and stainless steel
  • Wire Feed – alternative to paste brazing, especially useful for certain joint designs

As your one stop source, Fusion offers paste, flux, filler metals, paste dispensers, and automated metal soldering and brazing equipment. Fusion works locally, around the world, to serve you. Please contact us or describe your application here.