Feasibility Testing Program

Complete sample processing facilities play an important role in paste alloy selection, fixture design, heat engineering, and preparation of prototype tooling for a Fusion machine.

We help you take the guesswork out of brazing and soldering automation with a low cost Development Contract. This revealing study gives you the facts in advance on the feasibility and economy of a new system.

Brazing & Soldering Testing
Brazing & Soldering Testing

Simulated Production Run

A graphic demonstration takes shape when your personnel visit Fusion for a Development Contract production run. An automatic laboratory machine, equipped with prototype tooling for your assemblies, is put to work completing brazed or soldered parts. Important relationships between paste alloy application, heating, and cooling stations are observed under actual production conditions.

Speeds and performance data are verified through first-hand experience, and representative sample parts are produced for testing. Based on your input, refinements are made until the process and proposed equipment satisfy the most demanding production standards.

Report and Analysis

Upon completion of the Fusion Development Contract, a detailed report is submitted summarizing the objectives, the actions taken, and the results. Physical conditions such as fixture design, heat patterns, amount and location of paste alloy deposit are presented via photos and illustrations. Material, labor, and unit costs are itemized, then compared with existing methods to accurately represent potential savings. Finally, a detailed equipment proposal gives firm, upfront price and delivery, plus performance criteria proven through actual production.

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