Paste Handling & Storage


  • Store paste in an area shielded from extreme heat and cold. Ambient temperatures from 55° F to 75° F (13° C to 24° C) are recommended. Refrigeration may be applicable for certain products.
  • Do not store near open flames or sources of high heat.
  • Rotate paste stock, using “first in/first out” procedure. Nominal shelf life is six (6) months for paste in the jars, three (3) months for cartridges.


  • Before loading paste into reservoir, gently stir with a spatula using a lifting motion to insure complete homogeneity. This mixing should be done even if no separation or layering is apparent. Metal spatulas should be avoided because they can cut bits of plastic from the container and leave them in the paste. DO NOT MIX WITH POWER MIXER WITHOUT CONSULTING WITH THE FACTORY.
  • Do not attempt to thin paste with outside dilutents! Adverse chemical reactions may occur!

Proper Use

  • Read and understand the product MSDS before use.
  • Keep paste jar sealed until time to use. If jar’s contents not completely emptied, tighten lid to prevent extended air exposure. (For best results, paste should be used within a week of opening sealed jar.)
  • Do not re-use paste jar when empty.
  • Use minimum paste pressure (in applicating system), and the shortest length of paste hose. Use largest possible diameter nozzle, which has the shortest extension length.
  • Solder or braze in a well-ventilated area.
  • Wash paste from skin with soap and water, or waterless hand cleaner.

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