Brazing Paste Application

Fusion brazing pastes permit single-step application of filler metal and flux to metal assemblies. Brazing paste application can be handled by Fusion dispenser guns, either hand held or mounted on air cylinder slides. In either case, brazing paste application is fast, accurate and repeatable.

brazing paste deposits

Manual brazing paste application is accomplished with the pistol grip gun attachment, which is compatible with FE-71 applicator guns. These brazing paste applicators feature a comfortable grip handle and toggle action switch that permits easy application of paste deposits. Timed control enables consistent deposit sizes ranging from small dots to continuous stripes.

For production brazing paste application, Fusion offers the pistol grip gun with tool balancer, which allows the gun to be suspended within easy reach of the operator. After dispensing brazing paste, the gun recoils to “zero gravity” position, permitting the operator to continue work. The gun cannot be accidentally dropped, preventing damage and downtime.

We look forward to learning about your brazing paste application needs.

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