Silver Brazing Paste

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Silver brazing, commonly referred to as silver soldering or hard soldering, is a brazing process that uses a silver braze alloy based filler paste. These silver brazing pastes are comprised of varying percentages of silver and other metals, such as copper, zinc, nickel and tin. These general-purpose pastes have the lowest temperature with short melting ranges. Their benefits include versatility, easy application, and high strength. Fusion silver brazing paste also offers excellent flow characteristics and mechanical properties. Fusion pastes have been time-tested on nearly all ferrous and non ferrous metals.

Fusion offers several silver brazing pastes for joining metals like copper, brass, steel, stainless and carbide. The most widely used paste formulations are cadmium free and have liquidus temperatures as low as 1205°F (651°C). Fusion silver braze pastes are comprised of a finely atomized filler metal, a fluxing agent, and a paste-like binder. A unique function is performed by each component that is blended into a Fusion brazing paste. All silver brazing pastes are developed to be automatically dispensed to control costs and optimize part joint quality.

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Fusion is a major silver brazing paste supplier to the metals joining industry with two manufacturing plants in the United States and the UK. Both plants are ISO 9001:2008 certified, to ensure consistent quality in the production of Fusion silver brazing paste. All bases are quarantined and tested to absolute specifications. Samples of each batch are kept for 11 months. Before packaging, batches are tested by viscosity measurement.

Fusion provides silver brazing pastes to a variety of industries including jewelry, automotive, plumbing, air conditioning and refrigeration, electrical and switchgear, and carbide cutting tools.

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