Brazing Silver Jewelry

Unlike solder alloys in solid form, each Fusion brazing silver jewelry paste is custom blended to meet your requirements for fast, single-step application. Paste readily adapts to parts of different size or shape. Separate fluxing is eliminated. A wide variety of formulations permit joining of popular silver jewelry metals, including copper, brass, stainless, platinum, sterling, and gold. Open air or furnace heating methods can be used.

When brazing silver jewelry, braze paste is first applied in small deposits from a cartridge. Upon applying heat, the paste begins to break down and starts to melt. This indicates that the temperature of the silver jewelry paste is almost high enough to melt the silver. Both pieces are evenly heated using a circular motion. As the braze paste flows, the flame is brought closer to the metal. The solder then starts to flow, joining the metal it is touching.

The Fusion Model 615 Applicator dispenses premeasured paste deposits for brazing silver jewelry. A control panel, actuated by a foot-switch, delivers a timed impulse of air to a paste-filled, plastic cartridge. This action dispenses a preset amount of silver jewelry braze paste onto the work piece. The Model 615 is often teamed with carbon fixtures and a belt furnace for high production. Gold pastes for brazing jewelry are supplied in 8 to 18 plumb karat formulations. Most are cadmium free and can be heated with open air and furnace methods.

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