Brazing and Soldering Automation for Cost Savings and Increased Production

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Fusion manufactures hundreds of brazing and soldering pastes, and a line of applicators, in addition to automated brazing and soldering machines. Brazing and soldering alloys are offered in a variety of paste formulations, consisting of atomized powders, fluxes, and binders blended into homogeneous mixtures.

  • Paste Brazing & Soldering Filler Metals – brazing and soldering powder, flux, and a neutral binder deliver all the ingredients for a strong, void-free brazed or soldered joint in one deposit
  • Applicator Equipment – achieve fast, accurate application of brazing and soldering paste to joints of virtually any size and shape
  • Automatic Brazing & Soldering Machines – automated machines convey fixtured parts through brazing and soldering paste application, heating and cooling cycle for lowest per unit costs
  • Application Videos – see Fusion brazing and soldering automation solutions in action

Fusion is your comprehensive source for brazing and soldering paste, fluxes, applicator equipment, automatic brazing machines, and all things related to brazing and soldering.

Fusion works locally, around the world, to serve you. Please contact us or describe your application here.