Applicator Equipment

Application of Paste
Applicator applying paste
Application of Soldering Paste
Application of Soldering Paste

The best way to achieve success with Fusion brazing and soldering alloys is through proper paste application. Fusion applicator equipment allows for fast and accurate deposition of paste solder and brazing solder. Automatic paste application promotes consistent joint quality while reducing costs through less waste.

Fusion’s selection of paste braze and solder applicators promotes repeat accuracy, while enabling simple adjustment for joints of virtually any size and shape. Each brazing solder and paste solder applicator includes an adjustable control panel, a pressurized paste reservoir, and a specially designed dispenser gun.

  • Model 615 Applicator Controller – designed to dispense small deposits of paste braze and paste solder alloys
  • FE-71 Applicator Gun – dispense premeasured deposits of Fusion brazing paste using positive displacement principle
  • Pistol Grip Applicator Gun – comfortable grip with toggle switch allows for easy braze paste application
  • Satellite Paste Applicators / Robotics – designed to complement an existing heat source, such as furnace, induction or resistance

Fusion paste applicator equipment ensures repeat accuracy for daily, trouble-free production. Fusion works locally, around the world, to serve you. Please contact us or describe your application here.