Paste Brazing & Soldering Filler Metals

paste filler metals

Fusion offers a broad range of brazing and solder paste options for metal brazing and soldering applications. Fusion brazing and solder paste formulations are comprised of atomized filler metal powder, a fluxing agent, and a paste binder blended into a homogeneous compound. Each of these elements has a unique function to perform when blended into a Fusion paste alloy. These pastes for metal brazing are suited for a wide variety of joint configurations, and our dispensing equipment allows the user to control paste usage, for superior joint quality and cost savings. Characteristics of each paste, such as viscosity and flow can also be controlled.

The Fusion line includes a variety of brazing and soldering filler metals, with compositions of silver, phos-copper, copper, nickel, and aluminium for a wide range of brazing and soldering needs. Metal filler and brazing flux materials are available for silver soldering, brazing steel, stainless, brass, copper, and aluminium brazing, as well as carbide to steel brazing applications. Brazing and soldering filler metal powder can be adjusted within a range of concentrations to provide the best balance of performance and cost efficiency.

As your one stop source, Fusion manufactures metal brazing and solder paste, flux, filler metals, paste dispensers, and automated soldering and brazing machinery.

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