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Braze Mate 100 LS


Brazing & Soldering Automation

Two Station Brazing/Soldering Machine


  • Operator loads assembly into stainless steel fixture mounted to 18” dia. dial plate.
  • Paste applied with automatic dispenser gun.
  • Operator presses touch button and manually rotates dial plate 180° into locked position.
  • Dual touch buttons pressed to actuate automatic heating/cooling cycle.
  • Operator loads and pastes another assembly on second fixture during heating/cooling cycle.
  • After heating/cooling, operator rotates dial plate 180° back to load station
  • Joined assembly unloaded by operator. Rates from 40-70 per hour, depending on the application.


CONSTRUCTION: Structural aluminum frame with clear polycarbonate guarding on three sides.
DIMENSIONS: 40”W x 60”D x 34” load height; operator can be seated.
PASTE APPLICATOR: Two modes available, hand-held or (side of machine) stationary mounted.
HEATING: Rigid steel gas train includes air pressure switch, gas flow meter, and manifold pressure gauges. Single-axis heat slide oscillates throughout timed heat cycle to eliminate “hot spots” at assembly joint area. Quickchange heat manifold adapts to different part requirements. Hi-Lo flame control to conserve fuel when heat is idle.
COOLING: Timed air and water sequence; water captured in stainless steel trough; optional water recirculating system available.
FIXTURES: (2) stainless steel mounted on 18” dia. dial plate. Quotations based on assembly drawings and parts.
CONTROL: PLC with Operator Interface Panel to change timers and counters.
UTILITIES: 120 volts, single phase, 5 amp; natural gas or propane; 80 psi air, water and drain.

Brazing & Soldering Automation

Oscillating burners distribute heat evenly throughout joint area.

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