Dispensable Fluxes

Eliminate Messy Flux Dipping and Brushing

flux dispenser
dispens-a-flux brazing flux

Improve the performance of your brazing operation with Dispens-a-Flux Fusion’s line of dispensable flux for use with solid forms of filler metals.

Dispens-a-Flux is a homogeneous mixture that is non-separating, non-caking, and does not require constant heat and recirculation. These fluxes are specially formulated to be dispensed automatically through Fusion Applicator Systems, ensuring accurate, repeatable deposits.

Dispens-a-Flux Advantages vs. Manual Fluxing

  • Eliminate handling of corrosive fluxes that may cause operator skin irritation.
  • Flux is confined to the part joint area, not spreading damaging effects to tooling and equipment.
  • By automating the fluxing, your operator can be more productive, increasing your machine’s output.
  • High repeatability factor since deposits are premeasured.
  • Tests show flux usage may be reduced by 80% or more!
  • Environmentally safer – less flux residue discharged in the machine waste water.

Fusion offers three categories of dispensable fluxes: low temperature, general purpose silver brazing, aluminum/corrosive and aluminum/non-corrosive. They are available in standard viscosities, yet can be modified to suit the application. You are encouraged to sample these fluxes for testing in your existing operation.

Applying Dispens-a-Flux Automatically

As mentioned, Dispens-a-Flux is specially formulated to be applied automatically through Fusion Applicator Systems. A modular stand and slide mechanism is used to mount the applicator gun and flux reservoir on an existing brazing machine.

A proximity switch, set to sense each fixtured part, insures that the gun actuates only when flux is required. Adjustable time and pressure controls enable the gun to handle deposits from small dots to continuous stripes.

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